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Direct shear apparatus automatic

New construction for precise shear force acquisition within the shear area with calculation of shear force on the upper shear frame. New developed shear box with tilting free, parallel guided lower shear box, a fixed upper shear box and a tiltable load stamp. Adjustable shear gap with 4 screws. Driven by stepping motor for load independent shear velocities. Exact determination of shear stress by direct measuring at the lower shear box in the level of the shear gap. Electronic data acquisition by high precision load cells, automatic zero point adjustment. Data acquisition via RS 232 Interface

Max. shear rate: 20 mm, shear gap adjustment up to 4 mm

Load cell for shear stress 5 kN 0.1%

Shear speed: 0.001 - 9,999 mm/min

Dimensions (T x W x H): 1050 x 390 x 1400 mm

Interface: 300 x 260 x 70 mm

230 V, 50 Hz, 130 W

Weight: 120 kg

Supplied complete with set of loading weights 500 N and dial gauge, but without shear box

Equipment charter: download


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